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Your Safety is Our Number One Priority

To put it bluntly, Riding ATVs and Dirt Bikes is freaking awesome. Very few things match the thrill and enjoyment you get when you're out riding, but there are some risks too. Most if not all of these risks can be avoided by operating your Motorsport vehicle properly and safely.

Some key safety tips are:

  • Always read the owner's manual carefully and follow the operating procedures described.
  • Never operate an ATV or Dirt Bike without proper instruction or supervision if you're a minor.
  • Never allow children under the age of 16 to operate an ATV or Dirt Bike without adult supervision.
  • If your ATV is a single-rider ATV, never carry a passenger.
  • Always avoid paved areas. ATVs are meant specifically for non-paved surfaces and may seriously affect the handling and control of your ATV.
  • Never operate an ATV or Dirt Bike without an approved helmet, eye protection, and riding gear.
  • Never consume alcohol or drugs before or while operating your ATV or Dirt Bike.
  • Never exceed the speed which is proper for the terrain, visibility conditions, and your experience level.
  • Never attempt to do wheelies, jumps, or other stunts.

Here's a quick message from our friends over at DirtTrax on proper ATV Safety.

Here's a few more Resources regarding ATV and Dirt Bike Safety:

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