Cheap 125cc ATV Models

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All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are categorized into two types: utility ATVs and sport ATVs. Utility ATVs are manufactured for work-related purposes while sport ATVs are crafted for leisure and amusement activities.

A particular model that many riders are saving up for is a 125cc ATV. A website named ATV Suppliers offers 125cc ATVs for as low as $752 as the starting selling price. The most expensive is priced at $949. An individual seeking cheap ATVs must be certain on personal budget for a specific ATV model.

When it comes to cheap ATVs, the price is often influenced by combined specific features for a specific 125cc ATV model. Taking price into consideration, here are three of the cheapest, less than $800 125cc ATV models from an online ATV supplier along with features.

125cc ATV (ATA-125G)

This is the cheapest model of 125cc ATV for sale in the website at $752. An interested buyer can choose from five colors: black, orange, green, red and blue. The type of engine equipped in this model is an air-cooled, four-stroke, one-cylinder automatic motor. The model can be switched on using an electric start system and its fuel capacity is at 3.5L.

Rider 7 125cc ATV

This model comes in five colors: pink camouflage, army green camouflage, blue, red and black and is for sale at $759. The type of engine crafted in this model is an air-cooled, four-stroke, one-cylinder, automatic motor with power. It can be started up by an electric start system and its fuel capacity is at 2.3L. The maximum speed this ATV model can travel is at 34 miles per hour (mph).

125cc (ATA-125D) ATV

The starting selling price of this model is at $770. It also comes in seven colors: pink camouflage, purple camouflage, army green camouflage, tree camouflage, metallic red, metallic blue and black. This air-cooled, four-stroke, one-cylinder, automatic model is switched on with an electric starting system. The model’s fuel capacity is at 4.2L.

When choosing from the several cheap ATVs available in this online store, there are two things that an individual must do in search for the cheapest yet most reliable ATV.

The first thing one has to consider are the products features. One of the most important decisions linked to specific model features is whether one should opt for an ATV with two wheels or one with four wheels. It is always more expensive to purchase a four-wheel drive (4WD) than a two-wheel drive (2WD). Another important factor is the motor engine equipped in the ATV. There are two main engine types that ATV creators use: four-stroke and two-stroke.

Once an interested buyer has tapered his list of 125cc ATV model choices, the next thing to consider is safety. He must search for ATVs that are built with features geared towards the driver’s safety. A feature that one can look for is the anti-rollover technology.

An interested buyer looking for cheap ATVs is advised to read product reviews and compare the related costs in purchasing 125cc ATV models.

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