Kids ATV Models and Considerations

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Younger children are becoming more and more interested in riding all terrain vehicles (ATVs) just like most adults. This is the main reason why the market for kids ATV is continuously expanding. There are considerable differences between bikes for children and bikes for adults. These differences are well-known to manufacturers but are unknown to most buyers which make the search for appropriate ATVs for kids tricky.

An interested buyer of kids ATV can check out an online website named ATV Suppliers to get a glimpse on these specifically-crafted bikes for children. He can get well acquainted with the specific features of each type of bike. Most youngsters demand the sports ATVs other than the utility ATVs. The sports ATVs are geared towards recreational purposes while the utility ATVs are mostly used for work-related reasons.

Some kids ATV built for recreational functions available in this site are the following:

Hawk 110cc ATV

This ATV weighs at 231 pounds (lbs) and is set at a price tag of $619. Kids can choose from the eleven colors that this ATV design is available. The existing colors are black, pink camouflage, red, yellow, green army camouflage, blue spider, red spider, brown camouflage, tree camouflage, blue and burgundy. This ATV is equipped with 110cc, air-cooled, four-stroke, one-cylinder, automatic motor engine that can be set off either by an electric or a kick start system. Its fuel capacity is set at 2.4 liters (L). It is can travel at 34 miles per hour (mph). 

Shark Sport ATV Fully Auto with Reverse (ATA-125H)

This ATV type is limited to four colors: red, blue, yellow and black with red flames. Its selling price is set at $829. This bike is crafted with a 125cc, air-cooled, four-stroke, one-cylinder, automatic motor engine and is switched on using an electric start system. Its fuel capacity is at 4.2L.

110cc (ATV-3050C) ATV

Kids will surely love this $600 ATV model since it is available in twelve colors: spider black, spider grey, spider deep red, spider light red, spider deep blue, spider light blue, red, black, orange, pink camouflage, green army camouflage and the national flag. This mini-sized ATV is equipped with 110cc four-stroke motor engine.

125cc (ATV-125A) ATV

This $770 ATV model is limited to four colors: black, white camouflage, red and green army camouflage. This bike is equipped with a 125cc, air-cooled, four-stroke, one-cylinder, automatic motor engine. It can be set off through an electric start system and its fuel capacity is at 3.5L.

There are two things that an interested buyer of kids ATV must consider before purchasing one and they are as follows:

1. The size of the child.

The size is always important. Parents must make sure to choose an ATV where the child can get on and off easily. While riding the vehicle, the child should reach the ground with his toes at the same time reach for the handles with his hands effortlessly.

Skills of the Child

The child’s skills in riding and driving an ATV are also important. Being aware of the child’s skills allows parents to decide to choose between one with an automatic transmission and one with manual shifting gears.

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