Kids 4 Wheeler Options

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Little boys are becoming more curious and at the same time interested about what many people call the kids4 wheeler vehicles. Parents who made up their minds and bought their children four wheelers ATVs liked the benefits derived from obtaining one.

One of the advantages an ATV for kids is that the children tend to spend more time outdoors. The presence of computer and play station games has made children spend more time playing indoors that they have forgotten about outdoor activities. With these all terrain vehicles (ATVs), kids are spending time for a more fun activity outside their houses either with their parents or playmates.

Since these kids 4 wheeler vehicles are for younger children, these are oftentimes powered by electricity which means that there is no need to worry about running out of gas. While some ATV models can only be used with engine oils making them more appropriate for children older than seven years old.

A website known as the ATV Suppliers is selling these kids 4 wheeler vehicles for those who have to stick on budget as well as those who don’t mind splurging on kids utility ATVs.

Children will surely enjoy the following kids 4 wheeler ATV options from our site.

110cc ATV (ATA-110B)

This model choice is great for kids mainly because of the design and the available colors are eye-catching. This 243-pound (lb) ATV is available in seven colors: blue camouflage, green camouflage, pink camouflage, tree camouflage, blue, black and red. This ATA-110B model is recommended for children 8 to 9 years old and weigh at most 80 pounds (lbs). Interested buyers can purchase this model at $599. 

125cc (3125 XR8 Rider 8) ATV

The engine type of this $800 ATV model is air-cooled, four-stroke, one-cylinder automatic motor. This is also equipped with an electric start system and a 4.2-liter (L) fuel capacity. This model is available in the following colors: red, black, blue, green camouflage and pink camouflage.

125cc ATV (ATA-125F1) 3 Spd with Reverse

This 330.04-lb, air-cooled, four-stroke, one-cylinder automatic ATA-125F1 ATV model comes in five colors: red, black, pink camouflage, green army camouflage and tree camouflage. This has an electric power start and a 4.2L fuel capacity. The selling price of this ATV model is at $990. 

Cougar UT 150cc ATV

This ATV model is equipped with a 150cc, air-cooled, four-stroke, one-cylinder, and automatic motor engine with an electric start up power. This model is kind of expensive at $1,299. It has a 4.2L fuel capacity. The available colors are army green camouflage, pink camouflage, tree camouflage, red, blue and yellow.

150cc ATV (ATV-97A-150)

This is the most expensive four-wheeler ATV for kids in this online supplier with a starting selling price of $1,390. The model’s color availability is limited to four: orange, blue, green and red.

There are other ATV models that interested buyers can choose from several kids 4 wheeler vehicles from the site ATV Suppliers. Buyers can compare specific features and selling prices when picking the right ATV.

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