From Kids Quads to Dirt Bikes

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Purchasing a kids quads is a good idea for parents who want their children to be more adventurous or for kids to be involved in outdoor activities and have a breath of fresh air. This is because most children of this generation are into computer and play station games. Children can explore more areas inside and around the neighborhood as well as neighboring places that they will surely be shocked to know that are existent while riding these vehicles.

Children who are into kids quads must take extra caution while riding and driving their quads around. Here are some important tips for kids with quads.

Select the Appropriate Quad

It is essential for parents to remind their children that a quad is not a toy. Kids should be well-informed that this vehicle proposes fun just like toys do but it is more dangerous if not properly used. Parents must buy the right quad for their children. This means that the quad is the right size for kids.

Safety Equipment

Children must wear proper safety equipment while riding a quad. One important thing to remember before a child rides his quad is to wear a helmet to protect not only the head but the face as well. Children should also wear goggles to protect the eyes since they are very much needed to travel and drive around.

Children are advised to go quad riding during the day and never at night. It is best to ride at daytime because the roads and all other things are visible. Most kids quads are prohibited from entering public and national roads as well as busy streets, therefore kids should not bring their quads to these places. Children might be overlooked by other motorists and end up in an accident because quads are smaller than other vehicles. The best places to ride a quad are at trails and tracks.

Younger kids should be supervised by parents. It is highly recommended that parents watch over their kids while the latter learn about the quad and how to operate one. Parents should do this until they think the kids are ready to go riding alone.

Kids quads are good source of amusement for children but as they grow older, they might want to explore the outdoors on vehicles that are more challenging. One of these vehicles is a dirt bike. A website named ATV Suppliers is offering several models of dirt bikes at reasonable prices.

70cc (QG-210-E) Dirt Bike

This $489 dirt bike is available in five colors: black, yellow, blue, red and orange. It is equipped with a 70cc, air-cooled, single cylinder, semi-automatic motor engine. It is also geared with a foot starting system and the engine’s oil capacity is set at 4.2 liters (L).

Kid’s Dirt Bike

This dirt bike is also available in five colors: yellow, black, blue, red and green. It is equipped with an electric starting system and a 70cc or 100cc, air-cooled, four-stroke, one-cylinder, automatic motor engine. Its fuel capacity is at 3L.

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