3 Technicalities of Buying a Quad

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A lot of parents want to buy a kid’s quad for their children. Most of these parents are already ATV enthusiasts themselves. This type of parents is already aware of the many nuisances that come with buying and owning a quad bike. However, some parents are not aware of the more technical aspects of quad bikes.

It’s very important for a parent to familiarize themselves with certain things before going out there to buy one. A parent who is trying to buy a quad bike while remaining ignorant of the basic facts is likely to make a bad purchase. Below are a few things that can help parents get acquainted with buying a kid’s quad for their children.

The different kinds of quads

There are basically two kinds of quad bikes out there: utility and sport.

Utility quad bikes are the, as their name implies, work oriented models. These are the models that are usually seen working on farms towing trailers or hauling around camp gear for an overnight at the woods. These are usually big quad bikes that have a lot of torque used in towing or carrying a lot of extra weight. They have excellent mud guards that protect the riders from getting dirty.

Utility quad bikes are easier to learn how to ride and still provide a good recreational experience despite their use in field work. A liquid cooled engine should only be considered if the quad bike will carry a lot of weight, and do a lot of work.

Sports quad bikes are the next category.

As the name of their classification implies, sports quads are meant for a more recreational and competitive use. As such, sports quads are the fastest and the most agile among all ATVs. Parents get a kids quad of this type when they want their kid to master riding quad bikes. This type of quad bikes is a bit harder to learn and get used to than their utility counterparts. When buying a sports quad for a child, it’s highly recommended to look for a model that will have a restrictor in its engine. The restrictor allows the parent to limit the speed as they see fit.

Four wheel drive?

One of the main reasons why people, not just parents, buy a four-wheel drive quad bike is terrain and climate. Out of all the problems, one of the biggest considerations is snow. If there’s snow in the area then it’s better to be safe than sorry by getting a four-wheel drive quad bike. These four-wheel driven wonders can traverse as much as 12? of snow, while the two-wheel drive quads will be stuck. Even without the snow, four-wheel drive quad bikes generally provide more grip and better control.

The even distribution of power among the four wheels is what makes four-wheel drive quad bikes an excellent choice. Granted, four-wheel drive quad bikes are a little bit more expensive than their two-wheel driven counterparts. However, the advantages of a four-wheel drive kids quad justify the difference in price.

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