ATV Maintenance: Do It Yourself

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ATV Maintenance: Do It Yourself

One of the reasons why people buy ATVs is because they think maintaining them is easy. The answer to that question is both yes and no. It’s true that because of its relatively simple mechanics (more related to a motorcycle than a car), repairing an ATV is a cinch. But the opposite can also be quite true. Some parts of the ATV can be tough to access, and would require advanced mechanical skill, specialized tools, or both. But most aspects of ATV maintenance are actually easy to do. You can actually do most of them in your own garage. This guide will give you simple tips to maintain your ATV.

Keeping your ATV in good shape is by simply knowing what your ATV can or cannot do. Any machine has its own limitations. It is best to keep those limitations in mind when using your ATV. Taking note of which terrains your ATV is suitable to operate is imperative in keeping it in proper shape. Going over a vehicle’s limits can damage it permanently. Unless requisite modifications are performed, it’s advised that one must stay within the machine’s limits.

That said, here is an often-neglected yet important aspect of ATV maintenance: monitoring fluid levels. Different fluids keep the different systems of an ATV running. There are fluids in the engine. There are fluids in the brakes. There are fluids in the drivetrain. And there are fluids in the cooling system. You’ve got to ensure that all of these fluids are in their proper levels. Before going to a drive, check the bottom and the sides of your machine if there are any signs of leaks. When necessary or if the situation calls for it, you’ve got to replace the fluids inside your vehicle. Making sure that the fluids in your vehicle are cycling properly is one excellent way to ensure proper operation.

Though this may not count as a do it yourself step, but one major key in ATV maintenance is to have a professional do a thorough checkup in your vehicle. There are some issues that only experts can see. Sometimes, preventing something from worsening is only a matter of identifying the problem while it is still small. That’s the luxury of having a professional checkup gives. It doesn’t have to be often though (once a year is good enough in most cases), and most of the time (especially for brand new machines), the checkup is free because it is covered by warranty.

But the most fun of all these steps of ATV maintenance is this. You’ve got to use your ATV to maintain proper conditioning. Just like living beings, you keep machines in shape by allowing them to run. Using your ATV often, when you can, or at least every once in a while is enough to keep it in great shape. It would get the fluids flowing, the running parts moving, and the mechanical parts humming in sync.

ATV maintenance need not be rocket science. By getting your hands dirty, getting the requisite help, and using a bit of common sense, you can dramatically increase the lifespan of your ATV.

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