All-around Maintenance for All-terrain Vehicles

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Just because your kids’ ATVs are small does not mean you do not have to check it every now and then. Almost everything in the modern world should be regularly checked for maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape, especially now that the turnover of modern marvels has become faster than ever. In the family of motorized items, all-terrain vehicles are more exposed to the elements compared to other automobiles; that means they are more prone to heavy damages and ultimately, to earlier failure. Maintaining your vehicle should always be in your to do list. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, and here are some tips on how to become a master of ATV maintenance.

The engine, also known as the heart of your kids’ ATVs, should be checked so it works as if it has just been opened. Just like your heart, maintaining the engine might cost you but keep in mind that the vehicle works properly (even if not superiorly) because of a well-preserved engine and the first thing you need to do is check for the engine oil. Oil change is a necessary step because it is a vital part of your vehicle. It acts as a lubricant, allowing other parts and mechanisms to perform smoothly and in time (also, due to heat produced when the engine is turned on), the oil degrades and becomes less efficient. Changing of oil should be done at least every two months for normal usage and at least every month if you use the vehicle heavily.

he spark plug is another part that you should take care of. For vehicles that are exposed to different roads and weather, like your kids’ ATVs, the spark plugs are prone to carbonization. Carbonization happens when the fuel is degraded by heat and other factors, creating black specs that can clog the tip of a spark plug. Avoid this damage by cleaning (replacing, if necessary) every three months.

Other parts of your kids’ ATVs that you should be regularly checked include the carburetor, which should be kept clean (although it is not as prone to damages as the engine); suspension, which should be cleaned every time you hit the road; the ATV boots, the rubbers covering the axels and joints preventing destructive bumps; and the ATV joints. These parts are the most exposed in a rough terrain drive so you have to check and see if you need to replace them to prevent further damage.

Kids’ ATVs would cost around more or less a thousand dollars, for a 110cc type. Maintenance must be done regularly. Allotting a monthly budget for an ATV may seem heavy on the budget, but if you add up the amount you will use to keep the ATV is shape, you will realize that it is definitely cheaper compared when buying a new one. ATV supplies and repair services are available in the internet. You can search for ATV suppliers that guarantees the lowest price, with ATVs priced at as low as $400.

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