Finding the Right Cheap ATV for Kids

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There are a lot of cheap atvs out there in the market for parents who are looking to buy one for their kids. Parents are more or less spoiled when it comes to the number of choices that they have to choose from. There are plenty of low key manufacturers, especially from China, that offer their buyers good deals on their ATVs. Despite the cornucopia of cheap deals there is to be had out there, it’s still important for people to know a few things. Below are some of the things that can help someone get the best price and the best deal possible.

Do some research online and offline

The internet is one of the best tools that can help look for cheap ATVs. A wise parent would not let all the flashy advertising and clever marketing get to their heads. Do not get carried away for features that won’t be needed or are not wanted. It’s always prudent to make a list of the features that a child will need in their first bike. Price is always an important factor, but so is quality.

Remember, this is a child’s first ATV. Going for cheap ATVs are okay since they’ll eventually grow out of it. However, that does not mean that a parent can go cheap enough to forsake the quality and safety of their child’s ATV. It’s very crucial to keep in mind that a child riding an ATV for the first time is bound to encounter some complications. Look for a cheap model; just make sure that it has all the necessary features to keep a child safe. Also most online retailers mark their products down so low to get you in the door. After they get you there they charge quite a bit for shipping to make their profit.

Think about the warranty

It pays well to always check out the warranty. Of course the warranty for a particular ATV can differ from dealer to dealer. Take the time to get a survey from different dealerships about what their warranty covers and how long it’ll last. As a general rule of thumb, warranties usually come in three forms. A warranty can either be a set amount of time, mileage, or a combination of both, whichever comes first. Finding a good warranty really depends on how much a kid will use their ATV.

Kids who will engage in heavy use will benefit from a warranty that ignores mileage. Some warranties can go for as long as one or two years with unlimited mileage. For kids who won’t be using their ATVs too often, a warranty with a long time span is the best option. Most online dealers offer a 3-6 month warranty for free and if you would like to upgrade to a 12 month warrany you can pay more. NO ONE will offer a warranty like ours. We offer a FREE 3 YEAR WARRANTY!

Be a negotiator or Buy Online

Most people buy their ATVs at a dealership. Never be afraid to negotiate on the price of the ATV. While most dealerships do have experienced and seasoned sales veterans, it shouldn’t stop a parent from getting a good deal. This tip of course, is more of a personal approach than others. Regardless, one should never underestimate one’s own ability to negotiate for a better price. Remember, salesmen are supposed to close the deal as quickly as possible. People who are looking for cheap ATVs will do well to use that to their advantage. If you buy online the prices are set. They typically are cheaper because online sales do not have to pay salesman commissions and other fees associated with having a physical store.

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