150cc Scooter Maintenance

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150cc Scooter Maintenance

Scooter Maintenance for a Smooth Ride

While cars are a very popular mode of transportation, there are some who prefer the thrill of two-wheelers. Two-wheeled motorcycles or scooters are compact and light and can virtually pass through tight spaces – a huge plus when it comes to traffic jams. Although a scooter can accommodate at most two persons only, it is a practical and convenient way to travel short distances like going to work or grocery stores and other facilities within the city. Nevertheless, if you are more attracted to large engine sizes, you can travel great distances. The market for such vehicles is expanding faster, adding the online sellers to the existing local markets. Here are some tips on how to find the best 150cc scooter for you.

A scooter is a motorized vehicle which can be described as a motorcycle with a floorboard, a seat and low wheels – a classic design that is still applied to modern units. A 150cc scooter can be considered as a low power type compared to maxi-scooters, which run on 250cc up to 800cc engines. Most scooters use manual transmission and the gearshift as well as clutch are located on the left handlebar. These are some of the general specifications of a scooter, regardless of brand and price.

Scooters such as a 150cc scooter are a low maintenance vehicle but owners should religiously check their vehicles. Schedule your maintenance so you won’t forget; listing down the distance you have traveled and the date of your purchase is important. It is suggested that for every 4000 kilometers traveled, you should check and clean the fuel system path, including the throttle, carburetor and spark plug. These parts, however, should be maintained and/or repaired by a professional service provider, not unless you are a licensed and experienced mechanic. You can do some dusting or cleaning of the outside parts if you drive off-road most of the time.

Some parts of a 150cc scooter should be maintained at least once a month. For example, the front braking system should be checked at least once every three months while the rear brakes should be checked at least once a month. Such difference happens because the rear brakes are used more often. Similarly, the battery, fasteners and lights should also be checked at least once a month. The oil should be replaced every 500 kilometers because performance is hindered when oil is dirty. The spark plug should be replaced when you have traveled about 12,000 kilometers; by this time, your spark plug may have collected many carbonized fuel and oil and other debris.

Should you need to replace the parts of your 150cc scooter, you can visit your local shop or search the internet for low cost accessories. When you visit the local stores, you can immediately see the parts that they offer you, and you can even ask for discounts and free consultation. However, when you scour the Internet, you can also find great deals, those that are even cheaper than most locally available products. You can also find products with warranties and return policies.

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