110cc Kids ATV - The Basics

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110cc Kids ATV - The Basics

Low Power ATVs are Still Fun Ride

All-terrain vehicles or ATVs are becoming a popular sport utility vehicle. Riders of such vehicle range from kids, to teens to adults and professional. ATVs are light four-wheeled vehicle that runs on different sizes of engine. Such difference has an effect of the capability (power and speed) of the vehicle to travel different paths. Kids (six years old and under) can ride ATVs running on a 70cc engine; teenagers can drive 90cc ATVs and sixteen year olds can practically drive ATVs running on above 90cc. Low power 110cc ATVs can be ridden by adults. Regardless of age and gender, you should determine the most appropriate ATV for you and never forget to wear proper protective gears such as a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads.

A modern 110cc ATV is packed with features that enhance performance, durability and ease of use. Old models are operated like a manually operated motorcycle but most units nowadays are started up through electric transmission. Front and rear hand brakes are easily controllable and the engine can be stopped with just a flick of the switch. You do not have to worry about exceeding your prescribed speed, too, because modern units are equipped with a speed limiter.

Parents need not worry when their kids ride a 110cc ATV because they have a remote control feature where the control is held by the parent and with just a click, your kid’s vehicle will stop. Although the vehicles are small, they are compact and power, and can carry up to 200 pounds; but you should remember that ATVs should be ridden by a single person only. ATVs, just like other motorized vehicle, should be regularly checked. Perform maintenance at least once a month, like oil change, carburetor repair and tightening of fasteners, to keep the vehicle performing at its best.

You can seek professional opinion from your local store when you wish to purchase a 110cc ATV. The Internet is also a big shopping area for almost anything – vehicles, accessories and parts. Although the transactions made are virtual, you do not have to worry because our stores are equipped with privacy features and your information are safe. Credit cards are not the only payment option you have when purchasing through an ATV supplier website. They often accept checks, direct deposit to bank accounts, money orders and debit cards. Shipping of purchased items may take about five to ten working days, depending on your location but rest assured that your package is delivered safely and on time.

The beauty of buying brand new items is the warranty that comes with it. The engine and other important parts are part of a money-back guarantee so you should contact your supplier as soon as you see defective accessories. It is best that you take note of your receipt and read the statements written in the warranty. Online products might be risky at first but all you need to know is which stores to visit.

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